Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Beginning

We have forgotten too many Ellaisms over the last couple of years so we thought we would capture them in a blog and allow our friends and family to laugh along with us. To kick the blog off we are posting some of the Ellaisms that stand out in our minds to date. Enjoy...

Nana asks Ella why she scribbled in her Bible, Ella says "I didn't, I just decorated my God book"

While waiting in line at McDonalds for her kids meal that comes with a Chipmunks the Sqeakuel toy Ella yells through the drive-thru window at the clerk "I don't care which one you give me just don't give me the fat girl"

Ella tells mommy "If you're gonna get married again you're gonna have to lose some weight"

Mommy comes out of the bathroom and hears Ella say "You don't have to worry about feeding Elyse (11 month old sister) breakfast, I fed her a box of Nerds"

Mommy tells the girls before going into Target that they have to behave and asks if they know what that means, Ella says "Don't act like Ella"

Mommy tells the girls they will have to get their own ride home from Wal-Mart if they don't behave, Ella says "It's against the law to leave your kids at Wal-Mart"

Mommy asks Ella to stop scratching her butt...Ella says "It's ok, it's not the part that makes your finger stink" (My personal favorite)

Mommy says "When life gives you lemons" Ella interrupts and says "You say thank you"

The greeter at Wal-Mart that has a tracheotomy says hi to the girls, Ella asks the man "Why do you have to push that button on your neck to talk"

Ella is asked "What are you most proud of Mommy for" Ella says "That she can feed the baby with her boobies"

Pulling into Wal-Mart, Ella says "Wal-Mart, home sweet home"

After Grandpa reads the girls the story of Baby Jesus being born...Ella says "You mean Mary had Baby Jesus and a little lamb"